XF1506A Disc Filter for Irrigation System

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Size:2″BSP,NPT,Socket 2.5″ 3″
Max. Pressure:10bar
Filtration Grade:120mesh(130mic)
Max. Flow: 30 m3/h

  • Item: XF1506A
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    When surface area matters, this large T-filter will do the job. This filter comes with the attachment points to mount pressure gauges for easy and accurate monitoring of inlet and outlet flows. Carefully use a maximum 1/4″ drill bit to open the mounting points before installing pressure gauges. The lower 3/4″ valve attachment connection will also need drilled out if using a discharge valve. This filter will work in low flow systems with only 3 PSI of pressure loss. Made of chemical resistant polyamide, reinforced with fiberglass for long lasting durability. We recommend watching the installation video linked above for proper installation when using disc or screen elements.


    • Filtration Element: Polypropylene Disc or Stainless Steel Screen
    • Filtration Grades: 75, 120, 155 mesh
    • Recommended Pressure:  Disc – 120 PSI; Screen – 85 PSI

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