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    Use this Barb Tubing Tee insert fitting to connect three sections of tubing together.

    Quality barbed fittings provide high retention in low-pressure poly tubing for long-term reliability of connections. The acetal fittings can be confidently installed without clamps when matched with our quality low-pressure poly tubing with corresponding dimensions. See note below on gray PVC fittings.


    Sharp-edged barbs create leak-proof seal
    Increased strength and superior quality
    Heat, chemical and wear-resistant
    UV stabilized materials for long life
    Special Note:  1/4″ barbed fittings have the unique ability to be “snapped” into larger tubing after punching a hole into the side of the larger tubing with any of our 1/4″ punch tools. This creates a water-tight seal and allows you to “tee-off” of larger diameter tubing using only 1/4″ fittings and a hole punch.

    Fitting Size Acceptable Inside Tubing Diameter Fitting Use Max Operating Pressure
    1/8″ .125″ To connect sections of 1/8″ tubing or to connect 1/8″ tubing to mainline tubing Up to 30 PSI
    1/4″ .170″ To connect sections of 1/4″ tubing or to connect 1/4″ tubing to mainline tubing Up to 30 PSI
    1/2″ .570″ to .620″ To connect sections of 1/2″ poly tubing together Up to 30 PSI
    3/4″ .805″ to .820″ To connect sections of 3/4″ poly tubing together Up to 40 PSI
    1″ 1.06″ To connect sections of 1″ poly tubing together up to 40 PSI

    Product Specifications

    Attribute Option
    Fitting Type Barbed
    Fitting Use Tubing
    Material Plastic

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