Drip Irrigation & Accessories Mini Valve XF1267A 16 Irrigation Valve

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    Mini Valve 16mm  Fittings for drip irrigation tape
    Manufactured by  Greenlake Irrigation factory , Top 5 China Irrigation fittings Supplier

    It is also used for “blind” water distribution (without outlets) with drip tape.

    Common Drip Irrigation Mistakes to Avoid


    Using a drip irrigation system in your garden is one of the single most important things that you can do for it. Drip irrigation systems provide the right amount of water exactly where it is needed saving you money and creating stronger, healthier plants. There are some rules to follow when installing a drip irrigation system in your garden to ensure you get the best results; below is a list of things to watch out for when designing and installing your new drip irrigation system.

    Not Knowing the Outside & Inside Diameter of Your Tubing

    There are many different sizes of drip tubing and knowing which size you need is important. Tubing is measured by the inside and outside diameter of the tubing and is very general in designation. You may see some that are labeled ½” poly, ¾” poly, 1” poly and so on. These measurements can relate to differences in size up to 3 different size variations. Keep in mind that not all sizes will match others of the same rating so caution should be executed when ordering. If you plan on purchasing all of your 1/2″ poly tubing and fittings from Drip Depot, all 1/2″ tubing and fittings carried by us are compatible.

     By following these simple rules and applying them across the design and installation of your system, you will have a drip irrigation system that will provide you with many years of use and worry-free operation. A properly installed drip irrigation system will enable your plants to grow healthy and strong and save you money on watering costs.

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