The First Big Order In 2022

This is our first cooperation with this new customer, and we are very happy that with the efforts of all employees and workers, we have completed this order on time. We met this dear customer on the Facebook page. For 3 months, our sales managers have been caring for this customer in every possible way. The manager responds to customer questions in a timely manner and answers questions carefully. We will take some product details to show the product to the customer, and we will have a video conference with the customer at the right time to resolve the details of the order in a more timely and efficient manner. We provide customers with free product samples for testing.
Customers are finally impressed by our service and convinced by the quality of our products. High-quality products have always been the company’s core service philosophy. What we expect is to do long-term business with each customer, the quality of products is the foundation and the most reliable link between us and customers. At the same time, we also provide 100% peace of mind after-sales service. If there is a quality problem with non-human-damaged products, we promise to replace them all for free (but in fact we have never received bad feedback).In every link of the order, we will give timely feedback to customers.

This customer highly praised our work, and after receiving our samples, gave us a big surprise order for ten 40-foot containers. We promise to complete a cabinet of goods before the Spring Festival to ensure that customers can successfully participate in the exhibition (customer’s local agricultural exhibition). In order to support the customer’s business, we helped the customer to design two exhibition posters, and the posters will go with this batch of goods.

The goods include drip irrigation accessories and some large spray guns shown as the picture

Greenlake Irrigation fittings Greenlake Irrigation Spray Gun


Post time: Jan-17-2022