Drip Fitting Connector for Drip Tape XF1302-03 Blue 16mm 20mm

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  • Item: XF1302-03
  • Size: 16mm
  • Qty/CTN: 1400
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    China factory Best connectors for drip tape ever!

    By functional purpose, there are:

    Fitting for 1 outlet – designed to connect one drip tape to the pipeline.

    Fitting for 2 outlets – designed to connect 2 drip tapes to the pipeline, there are T-shaped and Y-shaped.

    Faucet Fitting – Allows you to shut off the water supply to each drip line.

    Drip tape connector – designed for connection in case of drip tape build-up, as well as for repairs, therefore it is popularly called “Repairer”.

    Fitting with nipple – designed to connect the drip tape to the “blind tube” (rigid tube).

    Plug is a fitting for closing the end of the drip tape. Most often, to close the end of the drip, it is folded 3 times and fixed with a piece of the drip tape itself or simply tied in a knot.

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