Brass Fogger XF1722-04 t Threaded Brass Fog Mist Nozzle Misting Fogging Spray Sprinkler Head

Short Description:

  • W.P.:1.5-4.0bar
  • Max distance:0.6-1.2m
  • Flow:7-20L/H

  • Item: XF1722-04
  • Vol./CTN: 0.0548
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    Greenlake Irrigation Manufacturer is Top5 China Irrigation Supplier only sells to irrigation dealers and does not sell direct to end users.


     * Made of durable plastic and brass material, durable and long use life.

    * The plastic and brass part of the interface is firm, will not fall off.

    * The adjustable water mist particles can equably provide more nutrients for each plant without causing a nutrient surplus.

    * Easy to clean and not easy to produce bacterial or fouling with detachable and washable nozzles.

    * Ideal for garden watering, balcony watering, greenhouse humidification and cooling application.



    * Water flow: 0.2-0.7(M/h)

    * Sprinkle Dia: Approx. 1M

    * Material: Plastic + Brass

    * Total Dimension: Approx. 1.57×0.35″

    * Nozzle Dimension: Approx. 0.18″

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