1/2″Male Plastic Sprinkler XF1001-04B

Short Description:

  • Material:POM
  • Size:1/2″male
  • Nozzle Diameter:3.2×2.5mm
  • Working Pressure:1-4bar
  • Flux:10-20L/min
  • Shoot Distance:10-13m

  • Item: XF1001-04B
  • Qty/CTN: 200
  • Vol./CTN: 0.0375
  • Product Detail

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    Impact sprinklers represents the sounds of summer. We all are used to hearing that tik tik tik tik tik shhhhtik coming for the sprinklers around the neighborhood. When most people imagine a sprinkler, they are visualizing an impact sprinkler. Impact sprinklers are the sprinkler of choice for most lawn and garden professionals.An Impact Sprinkler is the most common form of irrigating sprinkler. They are designed to rotate back and forth. The sprinkler head is driven in a circular motion by the force of the outgoing water. This force causes the sprinkler to pivot on a bearing at the top of the threaded attachment nut.
    They can be controlled to with a couple of adjustments one is a diffuser pin that looks like a flat screw in the front to displace the water and another knob that controls the overall water pressure increasing or reducing the distance.

    Benefits of an Impact Sprinkler
    Can create various stream patterns to the landscape allowing you to dial in the sprinkler to cover the areas that are most important to you. By measuring the distance and installing multiple fixed impact sprinklers or knowing where to move your sprinkler to it is easy to saturate a lawn without missing spots or wasting water irrigating cement sidewalks, fences, or the neighbors house.
    Distribute water in an arc pattern ranging between 40 and 360 degrees. Being able to precisely control the arc pattern makes dialing in your water zone a breeze.
    Cover larger area than a pop-up spray head from typical in ground irrigation sprinklers. While the water pressure that you can push through a sprinkler whether it is an impact sprinkler or an oscillating sprinkler is dependent on the pressure form your municipalities water lines, a high-end impact sprinkler has significant range capabilities.
    Spray radius for most rotors is 20 to 150 feet. Being able to cover 50 – 75 feet in all directions is a huge bonus for homeowners that have a large front or back yard lawn that they need to irrigate. This reduces the number of times that you have to move the sprinkler in order to water all the grass if you only have a single sprinkler.
    A diffuser pin to adjust the stream from a gentle mist to a powerful jet. Control how much mist or stream that the sprinkler puts out.
    Applies 0.1 to 1.5 inches of water per hour. During the hottest months of the year it is nice to be able to apply a larger amount of water and then to be able to dial that back in the spring or fall when you don’t need to irrigate the grass for long periods of time.
    Great if using well water as others get capability reduced over time due to hard water. An impact sprinkler simply doesn’t have the small lines and holes that other types of in ground sprinkler or oscillating sprinklers have. Those small holes are notorious for being clogged up if you have hard water. If you have hard water, look no further, an impact sprinkler is the best choice for your irrigation needs.
    Easy to adjust the radius and the arc. Simply adjust the diffuser or trip pin to adjust the spray, change the radius by adjusting the setting pins, and the flap to change the arc.
    Come in long lasting metal versions. Brass and Zinc are the most common high-quality impact sprinklers.
    Come in three base types: Circular base, Wheeled base, and the in-ground stake.

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